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The best part about what we do at Building Dreams is hearing how we've affected real change in the lives of real women. We hope you enjoy reading these heartwarming stories from Malawi!

Habitat for Humanity Malawi – Video

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Friends of Canada – an incredible video of women talking about the transformations  that Habitat for Humanity Malawi helped create. Click here to watch the video.  

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Success Stories from our 2nd Build – More lives changed!

Christina Chiuzi

CHRISTINA CHILUZI This is what Christina said, “It came to me as a surprise when I got the news that Habitat will be building a house for me. My life has been so miserable for so long because of the

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Life Transformed – A Very Bright Future

Atupele Abdule's Family

With keys in her hands and a smile on her face this is what Atupele said “I think this is a dream, can somebody convince me I am not dreaming please. My life has been miserable since I lost my mother some years ago, my father left us and went on to marry another woman and leaving us alone. I was burdened by the responsibility of looking for my siblings. One of my great challenges was housing, the house we used to live in was so dilapidated and sleeping during rainy season was just a dream. My siblings could not concentrate on studies because of the misery we were going through. But when I look at this house today, I see my life transformed; I have all the reasons to keep on smiling.”

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Life Has Completely Changed

Angali Tchale

Angaliwawo Tchale has a new story, she now owns a new and decent house, with a wide smile on her face she narrates how terrible life was before she occupied the house build by the support of Canada. “Habitat for humanity and the well- wishers from Canada came at a point of need, my life has completely changed. We are no longer living in fear or worried during rainy season, sometimes when I sleep in this house I feel like I am dreaming, my life will never be the same forever” said excited Angaliwawo.

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Better Homes Mean Kids Can Now Focus On Their Education

Anjira Mateni's Family

Anjira’s house is now complete and they have occupied it. The very little money they used to buy grass and plastic sheet to roof their house is now used to buy basic needs at the house hold. All the pains and sufferings in a dark and dilapidated house for years are forgotten. The children are no longer facing challenges as they used in that nightmare house, they proudly go to school.

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New Hope for the Future

Eda Saopa and her son in front of their new home

When the news was told to Eda Saopa that her family would soon own a Habitat house it was very unbelievable to them, they never ever dreamed of sleeping in a decent house after a long time of suffering harsh conditions sleeping in a dilapidated house.

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