Better Homes Mean Kids Can Now Focus On Their Education

Anjira Mateni

Anjira’s house is now complete and their family has occupied it. The very little money they used to buy grass and plastic sheet to roof their house is now used to purchase the basic needs of the household. The years of pain and suffering in a dark, dilapidated house are now forgotten. The children are no longer facing the challenges they used to and they proudly go to school.

“Habitat for Humanity and their friends from Canada have made a difference in our lives forever. We now have a new story. The misery and nightmares have gone,” says Anjira.

The lives of this family have tremendously improved. In the past they used to get frequent malaria due to mosquito bites, but today they are sleeping in a decent and well-ventilated house. Anjira vividly remembers how terrible life was before Canada and Habitat for Humanity built them a house. To them sleeping was impossible, more like a luxury. But today they have no fear of strong winds or heavy downpours because the new house has all it takes to withstand wind and heavy rains. Airbourne diseases are a story of the past. Today the family lives in a house with perfect glass windows, adding to its splendour.

Children, Madalitso and Funilo, also have a great sense of enthusiasm: “Our education standard will improve, it will be easy for us to study and stay focused. We now have a decent house for reading our books peacefully without rains and dust disturbing them,” said Madalitso.

The old home
The New Home
Anjira's family
In front of their Habitat home
Anjira keeps house
Clean new facilities
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