Life Has Completely Changed

Angaliwawo Tchale

Angaliwawo Tchale has a new story. She now owns a new and decent house. With a wide smile on her face she narrates how terrible life was before she occupied the house built by the support of Canada. “Habitat for Humanity and the well-wishers from Canada came at a point of need. My life has completely changed. We are no longer living in fear or worried during rainy season. Sometimes when I sleep in this house I feel like I am dreaming: my life will never be the same forever,” said an excited Angaliwawo.

Angali now lives in a well-ventilated, spacious, cemented and beautiful house. All the misery she went through is history. Her children are all smiles. They are now able to study without facing any hindrances. Their school materials are safe, even during rainy season, “We are now happy and proud, our friends used to make fun of us because of the pathetic state of our former house, but now we are respected because we have the most beautiful house in the whole village,” said one of the children.

The new house will help Angali and her family economically; instead of spending what little hard earned money they have buying grass and other materials to repair the house, they will use it for other important activities. Furthermore, the new house and pit latrine will help to improve their hygiene. The family will no longer struggle with malaria or diarrhoea. The cemented floor will protect the family from coughs and flu.

“Our house is finished We are living happily as a family, and no one will have to beg for shelter at night, running away from a leaking house as we used to do during the rainy season. Children are going to school each day a week. Their books are safe from being wet. Coughs and malaria have now stopped since we have a well-ventilated house with mosquito nets in each room. No more overcrowding in one room. Privacy has been restored. The money we get from working will now be used to buy good food and clothes and not on repairs for the house anymore, thanks to Habitat and Canada,” said Angaliwawo.

Angaliwawo and her Daughter
In front of their old house
The New Home
Angali now lives in a well ventilated, spacious, cemented and beautiful house
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