Life Transformed – A Very Bright Future

Atupele Abdul

With keys in her hands and a smile on her face this is what Atupele said: “I think this is a dream. Can somebody convince me I am not dreaming please? My life has been miserable since I lost my mother some years ago, and my father left us and went on to marry another woman leaving us alone. I was burdened by the responsibility of looking after my siblings. One of my great challenges was housing. The house we used to live in was so dilapidated and sleeping during rainy season was just a dream. My siblings could not concentrate on studies because of the misery we were going through. But when I look at this house today, I see my life transformed; I have all the reasons to keep on smiling.”

Looking at the happiness in the life of Atupele one cannot doubt the transformation a new, decent house has brought. She now has what she needed most: safe living conditions. This house is roofed with corrugated iron sheets, has a cemented floor, windows for ventilation, and enough space for the children.

“Unlike in the past, I now have privacy and the most beautiful toilet in the whole village.”

All the problems of the past have vanished in just a month. The little money the family gets from selling tomatoes and mandasi (fritters)
is now used to buy necessities, unlike when all the money was used to repair the house. Leaking roofs and diarrhoea are no longer realities. The children are now concentrating on their education and they have a very bright future.

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